Practical Training and Workshops

We have a proven workshop methodology, which is unique and effective. We create data scientist warriors and not just teach them some theory or techniques that are already available for free!!

NUSA Lab offers comprehensive data science workshops designed by qualified and experienced people who also have authored books on data science. We have a cumulative experience of more than 70 years of delivering workshops, training, and academic teaching, and hands-on practical consulting experience in diverse fields.

Methodology: Lectures, audio-video case study, practical examples, guest lectures by other industry experts, presentation, and active discussions shall form the basis of interactive learning. Group work on practical, unique (not the ones seen solved on many websites like MNIST, IRIS, etc) projects and case studies with global perspectives would be the key essentials and deliverables of the program. Software Package: R Programming Language, Python, TensorFlow, Numpy, Pandas, Scikit-Learn, Scikit-Image, Computer Vision, Spark, PyTorch, etc.

We don’t teach, we train, we create world-class Data Scientists and AI Engineers!!!

Our workshop is effective for beginners, students, and advanced data science practitioners as well as managers and business executives as we provide them practical and highly useful inputs of relevance to business.

Currently, we offer the following workshops which can be tailored to the needs of customers:

  1. Python & R Programming for Data Science
  2. Data Science and Business Analytics
  3. Advanced Deep Learning
  4. Data Science for Executives
  5. Data Visualization and Analytics
  6. Statistical Techniques in Data Analysis & Machine Learning.